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3DO Magazine
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Launch Editor

Stuart Wynne


Paragon Publishing



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3DO Magazine was a 1990s publication from Paragon Publishing and was the official magazine for The 3DO Company's videogame console. Featuring the usual preview, news and features, the magazine also came with a covermounted disc with playable demos of the latest 3DO games.


Stuart Wynne - (Dec 1994 - )


See here for a list of people who worked on this magazine.



See here for a list of games reviewed by this magazine.

Issue Reviews Avg Score Highest Score Highest Scoring Game Lowest Score Lowest Scoring Game
1 34 3.5 5 The Horde, Off-World Interceptor, Road Rash, The Need for Speed, Samurai Shodown, Theme Park, FIFA International Soccer, John Madden Football, Super Street Fighter II X 1 Night Trap, Real Pinball

Other InfoEdit

Issue Cover Date Release Date Pages Price Editor Publisher
1 Winter 1994 Early December 1994 68 £4.99 Stuart Wynne Paragon

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