64 Solutions
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Launch Editor

Damian Butt


Paragon Publishing



First Date

December 1997

Final Date

Total Issues

64 Solutions was a 1990s publication from Paragon Publishing and was the UK's first magazine entirely devoted to playing tips and solutions for the Nintendo 64. It was specifically designed to complement its sister publication, 64 Magazine, so that while that magazine focused on reviews, news and features, 64 Solutions could focus on nothing in-depth solutions for all the N64 games on the market.

64 Solutions Advert

Advert for launch issue.


Damian Butt

Nick Roberts


See here for a lst of people who worked on this magazine.


Issue Release Date Pages Price Editor Publisher
1 02 October 1997 £3.95 Damian Butt Paragon Publishing
2 December 1997 132 £3.95 Damian Butt Paragon Publishing
3 12 February 1998 £3.95 Paragon Publishing

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