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Acorn User

Launch Editor

Elspeth Joiner


Argus Press


First Issue

May/Jun 1983

Final Issue

January 1991

Total Issues



Elspeth Joiner - (May 1983 - )


Please see here for a list of writers who are credited with writing articles or reviews in A&B Computing.



Please see here for a list of games reviewed in A&B Computing.

Issue Reviews Avg Score Highest Score Highest Scoring Game Lowest Score Lowest Scoring Game
1.1 2 65% 65% Fun Games, Games of Strategy N/A N/A

Other InfoEdit

Issue Cover Date Release Date Pages Price Editor Publisher
1.1 May/Jun 1983 22 April 1983* 124 £1.85 Elspeth Joiner Argus Press

 * Assumption based on being published on the fourth Friday of the month.

Issue IndexEdit

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