Amiga Format issue 16 was released on October 1990, cover dated November 1990 and covered computing and gaming on the Amiga.


AMOS updater - Updates AMOS to v 1.2, Patch 98 Captive - Epic android adventure from Mindscape, Game (Demo) Lib Counter - See which libraries you really need, Utility Rescue v2.32 - Recover unsaved material after crashes, Utility Senior Quiz - Demo of an Educational program from Kosmos for quiz creation.




Game Title Publisher Reviewer Overall(%)
F-19 Stealth Fighter MicroProseTrenton Webb91%
Wings of Fury Broderbund/DomarkMaff Evans84%
Loom Lucasfilm/US GoldTrenton Webb85%
Wings MirrorsoftTrenton Webb79%
The Final Battle PSSSean Masterson56%
Helter Skelter AudiogenicMaff Evans87%
Vaxine US GoldTrenton Webb85%
Team Yankee EmpireTrenton Webb81%
The Immortal Electronic ArtsMaff Evans78%
Captive MindscapeTrenton Webb91%
Oriental Games MicrostyleTrenton Webb72%
The Legend of Billy Boulder US GoldTrenton Webb68%
Operation Harrier US GoldTrenton Webb64%
Dragonflight ThalionSean Masterson70%
M1 Tank Platoon MicroProseTrenton Webb71%
Rick Dangerous 2 MicrostyleMaff Evans92%
Saint Dragon Sales CurveMaff Evans82%
Future Basketball HewsonColin Campbell43%
Satan DinamicAdam Waring77%
Distant Armies Exocet SoftwareTim Smith92%
Bug Bash MicrotechTrenton Webb65%
Nucleus MicrotechTrenton Webb54%
Plexu New Line SoftwareTrenton Webb21%


Amiga Format Index
Date Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Xmas
1989 12345
1990 67891011121314151617
1991 181920212223242526272829
1992 303132333435363738394041
1993 42434445464748495051525354
1994 555657585960616263646566
1995 67686970717273747576777879
1996 80818283848586878889909192
1997 93949596979899100101102103104105
1998 106107108109110111112113114115116117118
1999 119120121122123124125126127128129130131
2000 132133134135136

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Scans of Amiga Format issue 16's gaming pages can be found at Amiga Magazine Rack

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