This issue is a pull out in Atari User Issue 11


Welcome to the first issue of Atari ST User, a magazine dedicated to the most talked-about computer of the year.

When Atari boss Jack Tramiel launched the ST in Hanover just 11 months ago his rivals trembled. At one stroke he had transformed the image of Atari from that of an ailing games oriented company to one that had to be taken very seriously indeed.

So much so that his 16 bit machines are currently poised to dominate the business market and at the same time provide do-it-yourself programmers with the most challenging and versatile computers they have ever had their hands on.

Today some 1,500 companies around the world are producing products for the ST - that's the sort of excitement it has generated.

It is to better reflect the growing importance of the entire ST range that Atari ST User has been launched.
In the months to come this magazine will play a leading - and vital - role in chronicling the tremendous and far-reaching developments now being planned. If it concerns the ST you can be sure you'll be able to read all about it in Atari ST User.

So jump aboard. It's going to be an exciting stimulating ride.


News by Mike Cowley - 2 pages (2-3)

The megabyte ST is coming!: Atari announce the first personal computer with one megabyte of ram, the 1040ST
Artistic mouse: Degas - Design and Entertainment Graphic Art System announced by Ariolasoft
Flexible database: Laserbase/ST database announced by Laser Software


K-Spread, easy on the pocket and your mind - 2 pages (7-8)

Andre Willey reviews a Kuma Computer spreadsheet which will form the heart of a versatile suite of programs.


One stuffed Yak and a 520 ST is a mixture to blow your mind - Mike Cowley - 3 pages (11-13)

Interview with Jeff Minter re Colourspace

From Pythagoras to Midi Music - 3 pages (15-17)

Anthony Ginn looks at the historical background that paved the way for the marvellous music you can play using the 520ST

Making the Most of your ST - Andrew Bennett - 2 pages (20-21)

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This issue is available on the Atari User DVD from The Zzuperstore

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1994 96979899100101102103104105106

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