Format Reviews Average Score First Review
C64 2 79% Dec 1984
Spectrum 2 70% Dec 1985



Publisher: Software Projects

Image Magazine Published Reviewer Pages Rating
Zzap Issue 1 Zzap 64 Issue 1 11 Apr 1985 Bob Wade
Gary Penn
Julian Rignall
It's certainly enjoyable while it lasts, but its just too easy. (Gary Penn)
The game's longterm appeal is rather dubious, getting rather boring once it has been completed. (Julian Rignall)
Cute and wonderful to start with but it won't keep your interest long. (Bob Wade)
CCI - Jan-Feb 1985 Commodore Computing International Jan/Feb 1985 Dec 1984 Uncredited 0.25
The popular comic strip character makes this new game from Software Projects an absolute delight to play.


Publisher: Software Projects

Image Magazine Published Reviewer Pages Rating
Your Sinclair Issue 1 Your Sinclair Issue 1 06 Dec 1985 Steve Malone 1
Having said all that, this is pure and unadulterated (no added colour, no preservatives) arcade action - and it's still got plenty of natural fizz!
C+VG Issue 51 C+VG Issue 51 16 Dec 1985 Uncredited 0.20
You have to be pretty quick on the joystick or keyboard to steer Thor successfully through all the obstacles he encounters - and the game does get irritating addictive.

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