Computer & Video Games issue 108 was released in October 1990, cover dated November 1990 and covered a wide range of computer and gaming consoles.


International Computer Games Championship
The C&VG crew of Julian Rignall (team leader), Richard Leadbetter, Robert Swan and Simon Hadlington represented the UK as

they took on the might of Italy and USA in the International Computer Games Championship. Following bouts of Columns, Test

Drive II and E-Motion, the UK team were crowned champions with 15 points, beating nearest rivals Italy by one point.


'C+VG Hit!' awarded games for 85% and above.

Game Title Publisher Format Reviewer Overall(%)
Dragon Breed Activision Amiga Richard Leadbetter 90%
Dragon Breed Activision Atari ST Richard Leadbetter 90%
Dragon Breed Activision ZX Spectrum Richard Leadbetter 89%
Dragon Breed Activision C64 Richard Leadbetter 79%
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge Gremlin Amiga Robert Swan 94%
Spindizzy 2 Activision Atari ST Richard Leadbetter 93%
Badlands Domark/Tengen Amiga Richard Leadbetter 92%
Badlands Domark/Tengen Atari ST Richard Leadbetter 92%
Operation Harrier US Gold Amiga Richard Leadbetter 82%
Operation Harrier US Gold Atari ST Richard Leadbetter 82%
Fester's Quest Sunsoft NES Paul Glancey 56%
Atomic Robokid Activision Amiga Robert Swan 81%
Vaxine US Gold Atari ST Robert Swan 90%
Vaxine US Gold Amiga Robert Swan 90%
Anarchy Psyclapse Amiga 92%
M1 Tank Platoon MicroProse Amiga 79%
Matrix Marauders Psyclapse Amiga 69%
Shadow of the Beast 2 Psygnosis Amiga 59%
Loopz Audiogenic Amiga Richard Leadbetter 79%
Loopz Audiogenic Atari ST Richard Leadbetter 79%
Indianapolis 500 Electronic Arts Amiga 90%
Moonwalker Sega Mega Drive Robert Swan 88%
Klax Tengen PC Engine Richard Leadbetter 95%
Subbuteo Electronic Zoo Amiga Robert Swan 75%
The Immortal Electronic Arts Amiga Richard Leadbetter 93%
UN Squadron US Gold Atari ST Richard Leadbetter 85%
UN Squadron US Gold ZX Spectrum Richard Leadbetter 84%
Magic Fly Electronic Arts Atari ST Robert Swan 70%
Mean Streets US Gold/Access Atari ST Paul Glancey 85%
Mean Streets US Gold/Access Amiga Paul Glancey 83%
Saint Dragon Storm Amiga Richard Leadbetter 80%
The Spy Who Loved Me Domark Amiga Robert Swan 91%
Insector X Hot B Mega Drive Richard Leadbetter 77%
Voodoo Nightmare Palace Amiga Robert Swan 87%
Voodoo Nightmare Palace Atari ST Robert Swan 87%
Hydra Atari Arcade Julian Rignall 69%
Magic Sword Capcom Arcade Julian Rignall 87%

Other creditsEdit

Associate Editor
Paul Glancey
Staff Writers
Richard Leadbetter, Robert Swan
Graham Taylor

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