Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson was the founder of Future Publishing. He had previously edited other magazines such as Personal Computer Games and Zzap!64.


Chris began his magazine career at Personal Computer Games as Editor. Feeling the commute from Somerton to London was taking its toll, he left to launch Zzap!64 for Newsfield Publications. After three issues, the publishers decided to move the editorial offices of Zzap! To Newsfield’s hometown of Ludllow. Not wanting to move or travel again, Chris decided to leave and set up Future Publishing with launch title Amstrad Action. He left Future Publishing in 2001 to oversee TED (a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading).

Magazine careerEdit

Personal Computer Games

  • Editor


  • Editor (May 1985 - Jul 1985) - 3 Issues

Amstrad Action

  • Publisher


Zzap 64 Issue 1 - (May 1985)

  • 64: Worlds Greatest Games Machine! - 3 pages (12-14)
  • Interview with Tony Crowther - 3 pages (60-62)

Amstrad Action Issue 1 - (October 1985)

  • Which wrod-processor? (sic) - 3 pages (20-22)
  • The Amsoft Power-Sell - 3 pages - (32-34)

Amstrad Action Issue 2 - (November 1985)

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