Format Reviews Average Score First Review
Amiga 2 69% Sep 1989


Publisher: Accolade


Image Magazine Issue Published Reviewer(s) Pages Rating Adj Rating
Amiga Format Issue 3 Amiga Format 3 Sep 1989 Bob Wade 1
78% 78%
Amiga Action Issue 1 Amiga Action 1 Sep 1989 Steve Merrett, Steve White 1
60% 60%
Image Issue Comment Adj Rating
Amiga Action Issue 1 Amiga Action Issue 1
  •  It doesn't quite have the finesse of the Access original, and its screen update is ever so slow, but everything a budding golfer needs is there. Worth a look. SM
  • If golf's your game, then I would suggest you take a serious look at Jack Nicklaus's Golf. SW

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