Jason Holborn (now 'Jason Brown' as of July 2001) started his career in magazine publishing when he joined Future Publishing in 1988 to work as technical editor on the then new magazine launch, ST/Amiga Format. The magazine covered both the Atari ST and Commodore Amiga and featured a unique dual format 3.15" floppy disc that worked on both machines.

When Future sold ACE (their leading magazine at the time), ST/Amiga Format was split into two magazines - ST Format and Amiga Format. Jason made the move across to Amiga Format and worked on the title for the first twelve issues before leaving Future Publishing to go freelance.

He worked as a freelance writer for a number of technology titles from both Future Publishing and other publishers. Noteably, he worked on Amiga Format, Amiga Shopper, CU Amiga, Amiga Computing and Future's weekly title, New Computer Express. 

Four years later he rejoined Future and went back to his old position as technical editor on Amiga Format. With the demise of Commodore, Jason moved across to PC Format and worked on this title for 12 months before deciding to leave Future Publishing and the world of technology journalism altogether.

Jason would later go on to become a professional underwater photographer and journalist. His work is regularly published in scuba diving magazines here in the UK and abroad. He also runs a marketing & design agency catering specifically to the dive industry. He is happily married and lives in Wiltshire with his wife Georgina and a pair of Boxer dogs called Tala and Rufus. When Jason married, he changed his surname to Brown. He still owns several Amigas including an original A1000 :-)

Magazine CareerEdit

ST Amiga Format

  • Disk Editor / Staff Writer

Amiga Format

  • Technical Editor (Aug 1989 - )

PC Format

  • Technical Editor

Contributor to:-

Author of:-


Amiga Format Issue 1 - (August 1989)

  • Review: X-Cad Designer - 1 page (63)
  • Big Mac & Chips - 3 pages (64-65,67)
  • Review: Real-Time Sound Processor - 1 page (73)
  • Hints & Tips: Workbench - 3 pages (75-77)
  • PD Update - 3 pages (79,81-82)
  • Disk Extra - 4 pages (85-86,89-90)

Amiga Format Issue 2 - (September 1989)

  • Hard Drivin' - 2 pages (13-14)
  • PD Update - 2 pages (61-62)
  • Disk Extra - 3½ pages (65-68)

Amiga Format Issue 3 - (October 1989)

  • Digital Delights: Vidi Amiga - 2 pages (30-31)
  • Disk Extra - 4 pages (59-60,62-63)
  • PD Update - 3 pages (75-76,78)
  • DIY Kickstart - 1 page (89)
  • Workbench: Hints & Tips - 4 pages (91-92,95-96)

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