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Welcome to Magazines from the Past

Magazines from the Past is a collaborative website about console and computer magazines that anyone can edit!


This wiki will cover UK computer and console game magazines. Its purpose is to list the articles, reviews, tips of these magazines from yesteryear, so that anyone wishing to find some specific information knows at least which magazine to start looking for. The newest magazines will also be covered, so check back often.

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C+VG Big K TV Gamer Your Computer
Personal Computer Games Micro Adventurer Computer Gamer ACE
The Games Machine Zero Raze Mean Machines
Game Zone GamesMaster Edge Games World
Ultimate Future Games Maximum Arcade Total Control
Games™ Retro Gamer X-Gen Max Overload!
Games-X New Computer Express Video Gamer Fistful!
Popular Computing Weekly Home Computing Weekly Personal Computing Today Practical Computing
MicroComputer Printout Which Micro? and Software Review Personal Computer News Console XS
Ultimate Player Public Domain Computing Today Strategy Player
Gamer Bad Influence! CVG Presents


Crash Sinclair User Your Spectrum Your Sinclair
ZX Computing Sinclair Programs Sinclair Projects Poster Programs


Commodore User (CU Amiga) Commodore Horizons Your Commodore Your 64
Zzap!64 Commodore Disk User Amiga Computing ST / Amiga Format
Amiga Format Amiga Power Amiga Action The One
Commodore Format Amiga CD32 Gamer Commodore Force Amiga Force
Your Amiga Commodore Computing International Amiga Shopper Commodore Power
Amiga Mania Amiga Fun


Sega Power Sega Pro Sega Force Sega Zone
Mega Mega Drive Advanced Gaming Mean Machines Sega MegaTech
Sega Force Mega Sega Master Force Mega Action Mega Power
Sega Magazine Official Sega Saturn Magazine Saturn Power Official Dreamcast Magazine
DC-UK Total Saturn Dreamcast Magazine Dreamcast Monthly
Mega Machines Saturn Plus Dreamcast Solutions Sega XS


Super Play N Force SNES Force Total
Super Action Super Pro Control Nintendo Game Zone
Nintendo Magazine System GB Action Super Gamer N64 / NGC
64 Magazine Advance Cube Official Nintendo Magazine
N64 Pro / Nintendo Pro N-Gamer N-Revolution Total 64 / Total N64
Nintendo World Total Game Boy Planet Game Boy GBX
Game Boy Advance Master Guide G-Force 64 Extreme Game / Game Boy Power
VSIXTYFOUR Super Control 64 Solutions Cube Solutions


PC Format PC Gamer PC Player (Maverick) PC Attack
PC Zone Ultimate PC The One PC Games (EMAP)
Total PC Gaming PC Gameplay PC Power PC Force
PC Action PC Review PC Leisure PC Gaming World
CD-ROM Games PC Games (Paragon) PC Player (Paragon) NetGamer


Amstrad Computer User Computing with the Amstrad Amtix Amstrad Action
CPC Attack


Official Playstation Magazine Play PSM Official Playstation 2 Magazine
Mean Machines PlayStation PlayStation Plus PlayStation Power Total PlayStation
Playstation: The Official Magazine Play Gamer Go Play PSW
Extreme PlayStation P2 PSP: The Official Guidebook PlayStation Pro
PlayStation Planet PlayStation Max The Player PlayNation
Engine PSi-2 Station Gamer Sony Pro / PSX Pro
Next3 / PSU3 Station PowerStation

PSG 24-7


Official Xbox Magazine XBM Xbox World Xbox 360: The Official Magazine
X360/XONE 360 360 Gamer/ONE Gamer X-Gamer / Xbox Gamer


Page 6 Atari User Atari ST User ST / Amiga Format
The One ST Action ST Format Atari ST Review
ST Applications Atari Computing ST World Atari World
ST Update


Tap! Apps Magazine Mac Format MacPublishing


Micro User Electron User Acorn User A&B Computing


3DO Magazine CDi Magazine Dragon User

Front CoversEdit


You can peruse the magazines available by year here.



If you would prefer to search for articles by system/game rather than magazine, please check out the categories below.


PlayStation PlayStation 2 PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4
PSP Vita


Xbox Xbox 360 Xbox One


NES Game Boy SNES N64
Game Boy Advance Gamecube DS Wii
3DS Wii U


Master System Mega Drive Game Gear Mega CD
Sega 32X Saturn Dreamcast


PET VIC-20 Commodore 64 Commodore 16
Amiga CDTV CD32


ZX80 ZX81 Spectrum QL


Atari 2600 Atari 400/800/XL/XE Atari Lynx Atari ST


Atom BBC Micro Electron Archimedes


3DO Amstrad CPC Apple II Arcade
Acetronic MPU 1000 Voltmace Database Philips CD-i Colecovision
Dragon Tandy TRS-80 Intellivision iPhone / iPad
Tandy TRS-80 CoCo MSX / MSX2 Oric PC
PC Engine TI99/4a Microtan Philips G7000
Amstrad PCW Exidy Sorcerer Android Jupiter Ace


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