Issue dated December 1983 and priced at 75p


Penguin Books launches its own software arm. The Korth Trilogy and The Warlock of Firetop Mountain to be launched in December

Sequel to The Crypt coming from Carnell Software: The Wrath of Magra

Waxworks and Midwinter the next games in the Mysterious Adventure series

New releases from Infocom: Enchanter, Infidel, Planetfall and The Witness

Alice in Videoland selling well in the US


Labyrinths of La Coshe - (Micro Power) - BBC

Usurper - (Assassin Software) - Spectrum

Oracle's Cave, The - (Doric Computer Services) - Spectrum

Forest, The - (Phipps Associates) - Spectrum

Golden Baton, The - (Channel 8 Software) - C64

Valhalla - (Legend) - Spectrum

Crystal Chalice of Quorom, The - (Dragon Dungeon) - Dragon

Scram - (Atari) - Atari 8-bit

High Flyer - (Commodore) - C64

My Name is Uncle Groucho...You Win a Fat Cigar - (Automata) - Spectrum

Snowball - (Level 9) - BBC

Pettigrew's Diary - (Shards Software) - Dragon

Nosferatu - (Terminal Software) - VIC-20


Mike Grace explores the intricacies of The Prisoner

The Basics of BBC

The Valley of Death


Sink the Enterprise - BBC

Rescue - Dragon

Masters of the Universe - Spectrum

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