Issue dated January 1984 and priced at 75p


New adventure from Richard Shepherd Software. Urban Upstart written by Pete Cooke.

TSR Hobbies divided into four after poor performance.

4 new games from Lothlorien. Dreadnought, Confrontation, Red Baron & Stolen Lamp.

Twin Kingdom Valley to feature 175 full screen pictures say Bug-Byte.

Sue Gazzard explains how she became a writer for Level 9.

Twig Systems along with Dave Lee Travis offer a £10,000 prize for cracking their games.

Mike Singleton launches first Computer moderated game over Prestel called Starnet.


Quest of Merravid, The - (Martech) - VIC-20, C64

Murder at the Manor - (Gemtime) - Spectrum

Wizardry III - (Sir-Tech) - Apple II

Operation Gremlin - (Wintersoft) - Oric

737 Flight Simulator - (Salamander Software) - BBC

Time Machine, The - (Digital Fantasia) - BBC, Spectrum

Knife of Kishtu, The - (Future) - Dragon

Zork III - (Infocom) - Apple II, Atari 8-bit, C64, PC

Atic Atac - (Ultimate) - Spectrum

Ghost Town - (Virgin Games) - Spectrum

Castle of Riddles - (Acornsoft) - BBC

Invincible Island - (Richard Shepherd Software) - Spectrum


Tony Bridge looks at Gilsoft's The Quill.

A look at Play-by-Mail games past, present and future.

How to write your own adventures by Andrew Pepper.


Map Loader

Death Valley


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You can find this magazine at the World of Spectrum archive. Or if you would like it on a DVD try The Zzuperstore

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