Educational adventures released by Shards Software - Jericho Road and Mystery of the Java Star

Artic convert Adventures A~D to the C64

Epic Software announce 3 BBC games: Castle Frankenstein, The Kingdom of Klein and The Quest for the Holy Grail

Teenager cracks Hewson's Quest Adevnture in record time.

Melbourne House to give £3,000 prize for best designed game using HURG.

The Quill success story

Infocom to release detective mystery Witness for Apple II and IBM PC

2 new adventures for the Oric - The Cricklewood Incident and House of Death


Confrontation by Lothlorien for the Spectrum

Greedy Gulch by Phipps Associates for the Spectrum

House of Death by Tansoft for the Oric

Twin Kingdom Valley by Bug-Byte for the BBC

The Warlock on Firetop Mountain by Puffin Books for the Spectrum

The Stolen Lamp by Lothlorien for the BBC

Jungle Search by Omega Software for the Dragon

The Korth Trilogy by Puffin Books for the Spectrum

Battle for Normandy by SSI for the Atari, Apple II and TRS-80

Operation Whirlwind by Broderbund Software for the Atari


How to decide on your plot.

User Defined Graphics for the Spectrum

How computers acquire English comprehension

Turning fantasy into code

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