Format Reviews Average Score First Review
Amstrad CPC 1 85% Sep 1985

Amstrad CPCEdit

Publisher: Mastertronic


Image Magazine Issue Published Reviewer(s) Pages Rating Adj Rating
Amstrad Action Issue 1 Amstrad Action 1 Sep 1985 Bob Wade 0.66
85% 85%
Image Issue Comment Adj Rating
Amstrad Action Issue 1 Amstrad Action Issue 1 Excellent graphics - indeed, excellent everything - for a cheapo game. At 1,000 screens you're going to find it's not just your robot's psyche that gets drained. Extra class is added by Mastertronic's multi-lingual instructions and the faint warble of Bach on the speaker. A French Suite, I think. Or was it one of the English? Do let us know if you can tell.  Peter Connor 85%

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