PSP - The Official Guide Book

Launch Editor

Al Bickham


Future Publishing


First Date

Autumn 2005

Final Date


Total Issues


This magazine appears to continue it's numbering from special versions of the Official PlayStation 2 Magazine


Al Bickham (Aug 2005) - 1 Issue

Cam Winstanley (Winter 2005 - )


Please see here for a list of writers who are credited with writing articles or reviews in this magazine



Issue Games Reviewed Average Score Highest Score Highest Scoring Game(s) Lowest Score Lowest Scoring Game(s)
21 41 6.8 9 Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, Ridge Racer, Lumines, Toger Woods PGA Tour 06 2 Namco Museum Battle Collection

Other InfoEdit

Issue Cover Date Release Date Pages Price Editor Publisher
20 Autumn 2005 04 August 2005 132 £5.99 Al Bickham Future
21 Winter 2005 Late November 2005? 132 £4.99 Cam Winstanley Future

Issue IndexEdit

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