Paragon Publishing



Paragon Publishing was a publishing company during the 1990s and early 2000s which also published other entertainment titles.


Paragon Publishing was formed in Trowbridge, Wiltshire by former Future Publishing staff members Richard Monteiro and Dianne Taverner. With a small team of staff they began work on their first publication Sega Pro.

With the 16-bit console boom, Sega Pro proved an instant success and the company soon launched several new titles with new staff to fill the new roles in the magazines. As the company grew, new premises were found in Bournemouth.

In 2003, Paragon Publishing and its 30-odd magazine titles were sold to Highbury House Communications. Imagine Publishing, which was formed by former Paragon staff members Damian Butt, Steve Boyd and Mark Kendrick, would buy back most of these titles when Highbury themselves went into liquidation in early 2006.

Magazine ChronologyEdit

Sega Pro (1991-1996)
Mega Power (1993-
Sega XS
Console XS
Games World
Super Pro
CD32 Gamer
Nintendo Pro
64 Magazine
Saturn Plus
Dreamcast Magazine

Notable StaffEdit

Dominic Handy, Les Ellis, Dave Perry, Damian Butt, Stuart Wynne, Phil King, Nick Roberts

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