This magazine was cover-dated Summer 1983 and cost 85p


The World's Top Games: Best Selling Games in the World Chart produced by Softsel International - (5)

Just Arrived: English Software announces 11 new releases for June and 4 for August for the Atari - (5)

Airstrike, Venus Voyager 2, Timewarp, Escape from Perilous, Xenon Raid, Firefleet, Diamonds, Krazy Kopter, Caverunner, Hyperblast, Captain Sticky's Gold, Air Strike 2 and Jet Boot Jack

Just Arrived: Softek announces three new Spectrum games - (5)

Joust, Firebirds and Megapede

Psst - Is this the Ultimate? - (5)

:Jetpac, Pssst, Cookie & Tranz-am

Sinclair Pop - (7)

Musicians Chris Sievey and Pete Shelley produce B-side computer programs on their latest music releases.

Coming - The Screen Play of the Book - (7)

Epyx have won the rights to produce games based on Anne McCaffrey's books.

Following a New Cult - (7)

Virgin Announce entry into the Games Market with Sheepwalk, Yomp & Starfire for the Spectrum


Editorial - 1 page (1c)

Contents - 2 pages (2-3)

Investment Package - 4½ pages (8-12)

At 17, Richard Jones has launched three successful companies, Deirdre Boyd asked him why he chose the competitive computer games market.

Program Control Guardians (Comic) - 1 page (15)

Boosters - 4½ pages (18-19,21-23)

Peripherals can boost your micro's powers and your fun. Tony Harrington has scoured the shops for you.

Thoughts (Puzzles) - 2 pages (27-28,30)

Making Microwaves - 5 pages (32-33,35-36,38,40)

Latest micros include a serious rival to the Spectrum and a highly upgradable home computer. Steve Mann and Maggie Burton review the Oric and the Lynx

Book Reviews: Turn Over a New Leaf - 1 page (47)

What to Read in Microcomputing - Cyndy Miles, Legal Care for Your Software - Nic Jones, Choosing a Microcomputer - Wendie Pearson, Computer Languages and their Uses - Cyndy Miles, Basic Programming on the BBC Microcomputer - Wendie Pearson


Action FreezeEdit

Game Title Publisher Format Pgs Pg No(s)
Dragon Trek Salamander Software Dragon 2 50-51
Frogger A&F Software BBC Micro 2 52-53
Up, Up and Away Pulsar Software Atari 8-bit 2 54-55
Kaktus Audiogenic VIC-20 2 56-57
Flight Tansoft Oric 2 58-59
Hungry Horace Sinclair Research Spectrum 2 60-61

Screen ScrollEdit

Game Title Publisher Format Reviewer Pgs Pg No(s)
Great Britain Ltd Simon Hessel Software Spectrum Dick Olney 0.4 93
Stock Exchange ASL Software Oric Steve Mann 0.3 93
Arcade Action Acornsoft BBC Micro Dick Olney 0.4 93-94
Harvester Pixel Productions VIC-20 Karl Dallas 0.4 94
Micro Maze Hi-Tech Jupiter Ace Steve Mann 0.3 97
Lunar Leepers Sierra On-Line Apple II Nigel Cross 0.33 97
Motor Mania Audiogenic C64 Barry Miles 0.33 97
Arcadia Imagine Spectrum Steve Mann 0.4 97-98
Philosopher's Quest Acornsoft BBC Micro Dick Olney 0.25 98
Eastern Front Atari Atari 8-bit Dick Olney 0.5 101
Ulysees and the Golden Fleece Sierra On-Line PC Mike Whitney 0.4 101
Dark Crystal, The Sierra On-Line Apple II Richard King 0.35 101-102
Zodiac Tansoft Oric Steve Mann 0.25 102
Football Manager Addictive Games Spectrum Steve Mann 0.5 104
Pimania Automata Spectrum Steve Mann 0.4 104
Monsters Acornsoft BBC Micro Dick Olney 0.35 104,107
Kaktus Audiogenic VIC-20 Karl Dallas 0.35 107,109
Preppie Adventure International Atari 8-bit Dick Olney 0.25 109
Frogger Sierra On-Line Atari 8-bit Dick Olney 0.25 109
King, The Microdeal Dragon Dick Olney 0.33 109
Katerpillar Attack Microdeal Dragon Dick Olney 0.25 111
Flight Simulator Microsoft PC Nigel Cross 0.25 111


Backgammon for the Atom by Peter Robinson - 1½ pages (67,69)

Blaster for the Spectrum by Alan Green - 1 page (71)

Adventure in 1k by Ian Stansfield - ½ page (73)

Engine Failure for the BBC by Ian Watt - 2 pages (75,79)

Flashback for the Atari by G. Cheung - 1½ pages (81,83)

Aircraft Lander for the Video Genie by P. Bailey - 2½ pages (85-86,89)

Other CreditsEdit

Consulting Editor

Geof Wheelwright

Art Director

Jim Dansie


Fiona Collier

External LinksEdit

You can find this magazine at the World of Spectrum archive. Or if you would like it on a DVD try The Zzuperstore

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