UMI working on Alice in Videoland for the C64

Comdata announce Firing Line, Pegasus Odyssey, Ape Craze and Pakacuda for the C64

Softsync to convert Mothership from ZX81 to C64

Datasoft rumoured to be converting Zaxxon to C64

Thorn EMI to release Tank Commander and Mine Madness for the VIC-20 and Carnival Masacre and Killer Climb for the Atari

Palace Software to create games for it's shop in London "The Video Palace"

20th Century Fox acquire "Porky's" licence to convert to consoles

Daily Mirror rumoured to be launching it's own software

Jeff Minter working on follow up to Attack of the Mutant Camels

New educational games for the Electron from Chalksoft: Puncman 1 & 2 and Invisible Man

Bug-Byte sign distribution deal with CBS


Screen StarEdit

Manic Miner by Bug-Byte for the Spectrum

Action FreezeEdit

Sultan's Maze - (Gem Software) - Dragon

Centipede - (Superior Software) - BBC

Super Skramble - (Terminal Software) - C64

Pharaoh's Tomb - (Phipps Associates) - Spectrum

Firefleet - (English Software) - Atari 8-bit

Evolution - (Pan) - Oric

Screen ScrollEdit

VIC-20 GamesEdit

Pinball Wizard - (Terminal Software)

Submarine Commander - (Thorn EMI)

Mini Roulette/Pontoon/Hi-Low - (Chip Software)

Choplifter - (Audiogenic)

Gridrunner - (Llamasoft)

BBC GamesEdit

Q*Bert - (Superior Software)

3D Bomb Alley - (Software Invasion)

3-Deep Space - (Postern)

Escape from Moonbase Alpha - (Micro Power)

Android Attack - (Computer Concepts)

Danger UXB - (Micro Power)

Pass Go - (Kayde Software)

Spectrum GamesEdit

Galakzions - (Mikro-Gen)

Harrier Attack - (Durell Software)

Jungle Trouble - (Durell Software)

Terror-Daktil 4D - (Melbourne House)

Splat - (Incentive Software)

3D Painter - (CDS Microsystems)

Black Planet, The - (Phipps Associates)

Plunder - (CCS)

Oric GamesEdit

Hell's Temple - (Kenema Associates)

Gamespack - (Sector 7)

Nightrider - (Cirosoft)

Xenon-1 - (IJK Software)

Invaders - (IJK Software)

Dinky Kong - (Severn Software)

Atari GamesEdit

Darts - (Thorn EMI)

Orc Attack - (Thorn EMI)

River Rescue - (Thorn EMI)

Airstrike - (English Software)

Dragon GamesEdit

Cuthbert Goes Walkabout - (Microdeal)

Morocco Grand Prix - (Microdeal)

Golf - (Microdeal)

C64 GamesEdit

Super Dogfight - (Terminal Software)

Falcon Patrol - (Virgin Games)

Sooper Fruit - (Commodore)


Interview with David Agulnik of Apocalypse Software

Review of the latest peripherals

A look at the Aquarius and Electron

Chess featuring:- Spectrum Chess, Spectrum Chess II - (Artic Computing) - Spectrum, Chess - (Sinclair Research) - Spectrum, Grandmaster - (Audiogenic) - C64, VIC-20, Chess (Atari) - Atari 8-bit


Dambusters for the Oric

Cheshire Cats for the Spectrum

Energy Field for the Dragon

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