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Launch Editor

Nick Roberts


Paragon Publishing
Imagine Publishing



First Date

Spring 1996

Final Date

Total Issues

PowerStation was a long running tips magazine for the PlayStation. Launched in 1996 as a quarterly publication, it soon became a monthly title.


Nick Roberts (Spring 1996 - Aug/Sep 1996) - 2 issues

Ryan Butt (Oct/Nov 1996 - ??)

Phil King

Mike O’Sullivan

Other InfoEdit

Issue Cover Date Release Date Pages Price Editor Publisher
1 Spring 1996 21st March 1996 £3.95 Nick Roberts Paragon
2 August/September 1996 25th July 1996 £3.95 Nick Roberts Paragon
3 October/November 1996 26th September 1996 £3.95 Ryan Butt Paragon
4 December/January 1996 8th November 1996 £3.95 Ryan Butt Paragon
5 Xmas 1996 13th December 1996 £3.95 Ryan Butt Paragon
6 February 97 23rd January 1997 £3.95 Ryan Butt Paragon
7 February 97 20th February 1997 £3.95 Ryan Butt Paragon

Issue IndexEdit


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