Raze issue 2 was released in November 1990, cover dated December 1990 and covered 16-bit computer and console gaming.


Alpha Waves
Altered Destiny
Celica GT4 Rally
CES-Pit Snaps
Light Corridor
Metal Masters
Murders in Space
Savage Empire
Test Drive III
UN Squadron
Wing Commander

Features Edit

Sights on CD
Entertainment USA
Big in Japan

Hot SlotsEdit

Alien Storm
Line of Fire



Games rated 90% and above were awarded a 'Rave' accolade.

Main Title/Alternate Title(s) Publisher Format Reviewer Rating (%)
Wings of Fury Amiga 87%
Klax Atari ST 83%
Klax Amiga 83%
Klax Mega Drive 85%
Loopz Amiga 94%
Loopz Atari ST 92%
Loopz IBM PC 94%
Rastan Saga II Taito Mega Drive57%
Rastan Saga II Taito PC Engine 64%
9 Lives Arc Amiga 90%
9 Lives Arc Atari ST 93%
Legendary Axe II Hudson PC Engine 68%
James Pond Millenium Amiga 88%
Insector X Hot B Mega Drive 80%
Budokan Electronic Arts Mega Drive 80%
XDR Unipace Mega Drive 60%
Navy Seals Ocean C64GS 87%
Navy Seals Ocean GX4000 88%
Operation Wolf Taito PC Engine 74%
Moonwalker Sega Mega Drive 87%
Vaxine US Gold Amiga84%
Vaxine US Gold Atari ST82%
Vaxine US Gold IBM PC 82%
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Gameboy93%
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles NES 87%
Robocop 2 Ocean Amiga 91%
Bomber Bob Idea Amiga 73%
Beach Volley IGS PC Engine 73%
Betrayal Rainbird Amiga 85%
Xiphos Electronic Zoo Amiga76%
Xiphos Electronic Zoo Atari ST 76%
Dr. Mario Gameboy 81%
Globulus Innerprise Amiga 80%
Curse of Ra Rainbow Arts Amiga66%
Curse of Ra Rainbow Arts Atari ST 85%
Legend of the Lost Amiga 70%
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge Gremlin Amiga 94%
Prophecy 1 - The Viking Child Wired Amiga87%
Prophecy 1 - The Viking Child Wired Atari ST 84%
Populous Electronic Arts Mega Drive 89%

Neuro Venture reviewsEdit

Main Title/Alternate Title(s) Publisher Format Reviewer Rating (%)
White Death Storm Computers Amiga 70
Questmaster The Prism of Heheutotal Mindcraft PC 76
Blitzkrieg at the Ardennes Storm Computers Amiga 77
Weird Tales Interactive Technology Atari ST 81
The Dark Heart of Uukrul Broderbund PC 82

Issues indexEdit

Raze Index
Date Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
1990                     1 2
1991 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12    

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