Rod Lawton was an Editor on Future Publishing magazines such as Amstrad Action.


Rod started out at Future Publishing as Production Editor on New Computer Express and ACE. He would move onto Amstrad Action as Editor and holds the record for longest serving editor there, spanning 39 issues and over three years. He left to work as Editor at Future's Leisure publishing section. He has written, or co-written, many computing and games books and has freelanced for many publications since, including PC Plus, PC Answers, PC Format. Most recently has written for the weekly "Computing for beginners" style magazine Computeractive. Also runs a Digital Imaging web site where photographers at all levels of expertise can find out more about the terms, concepts and techniques behind photography.

Magazine careerEdit

New Computer Express

  • Production Editor (Oct 1988- )


  • Production Editor

ST Format

  • Production Editor (Oct 1989 - )

Amstrad Action

  • Editor (Dec 1989-Feb 1993) - 39 issues

Contributor to:-


If the "Overall" score is in italics, the original review score has been adjusted into a percentage.

Game Title Format Magazine Published Ove (%)
Crack Amiga ACE Issue 9 (Jun-88) 51
Pink Panther Amiga ACE Issue 9 (Jun-88) 49
Strip Poker II+ Amiga ACE Issue 9 (Jun-88) 39
Foundation's Waste Atari ST ACE Issue 10 (Jul-88) 61
SideWinder Amiga ACE Issue 10 (Jul-88) 70
Leatherneck Atari ST ACE Issue 10 (Jul-88) 90
Eddie Edwards' Super Ski Atari ST ACE Issue 10 (Jul-88) 82
Eddie Edwards' Super Ski Amstrad CPC ACE Issue 10 (Jul-88) 78
Thexder Amiga ACE Issue 10 (Jul-88) 62
Alien Syndrome Atari ST ACE Issue 11 (Aug-88) 51
Alien Syndrome C64 ACE Issue 11 (Aug-88) 50
Phantasm Atari ST ACE Issue 11 (Aug-88) 40
Sargon III Amiga ACE Issue 11 (Aug-88) 55
The Great Giana Sisters Amiga ACE Issue 11 (Aug-88) 71
The Great Giana Sisters Atari ST ACE Issue 11 (Aug-88) 71
The Great Giana Sisters C64 ACE Issue 11 (Aug-88) 70
Tomahawk Amstrad PCW New Computer Express Issue 1 10 Nov 1988 80
The Mars Saga C64 New Computer Express Issue 1 10 Nov 1988 80
Prospector in the Mazes of Xor Amiga New Computer Express Issue 2 17 Nov 1988 100
Corruption Amstrad PCW New Computer Express Issue 2 17 Nov 1988 80
Airborne Ranger PC New Computer Express Issue 3 24 Nov 1988 60
Maria's Christmas Box Atari ST New Computer Express Issue 5 08 Dec 1988 20
Rocket Ranger Atari ST ST Format Issue 3 21 Sep 1989 73


ST Format Issue 3 - (October 1989)

  • Public Speaking - 2 pages (45-46)

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