ST Amiga Format

Launch Editors

Ben Taylor, Simon Williams


Future Publishing


First Date

July 1988

Final Date

July 1989

Total Issues


This magazine split off into Amiga Format and ST Format after it's 13 issue run.


Ben Taylor

Simon Williams

Richard Monteiro


Please see here for a list of writers who are credited with writing articles or reviews in ST Amiga Format.



Please see here for a list of games reviewed in ST Amiga Format.

Issue Reviews Average Score High Score Highest scoring game Low Score Lowest scoring game
1 7 72% 91% F/A-18 Interceptor 58% Firepower
2 8 80% 91% Captain Blood, Corruption 63% Pandora
3 8 77% 85% Whirligig 60% Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
4 8 79% 95% Starglider 2 63% Vectorball

Other InfoEdit

Issue Cover Date Release Date Pages Price Editor Publisher
1 July 1988 16th June 1988 100 £2.50 Ben Taylor, Simon Williams Future
2 August 1988 21st July 1988 100 £2.50 Ben Taylor, Simon Williams Future
3 September 1988 18th August 1988 100 £2.50 Ben Taylor, Simon Williams Future
4 October 1988 108 £2.95 Ben Taylor, Simon Williams Future
5 November 1988 20th October 1988

Issue IndexEdit

ST / Amiga Format Index
Date Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
1988 123456
1989 78910111213

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