Sinclair User Issue 23
Sinclair User Issue 23


Bill Scolding

Deputy Editor

Nicole Segre

Consultant Editor

Mike Johnston

Production Editor

Harold Mayes

Software Editor

John Gilbert

Program Reviewer

Rebecca Ferguson


Brian King


Quentin Heath


ECC Publications Ltd




Heathrow Air Traffic Control by Hewson Consultants passes "Magic Micro Mission" test

Sinclair launch new business computer codenamed ZX-83

Manic Miner moves from Bug-Byte to new software house Software Projects

Interface Two cartridges arrive from Sinclair Research

Guide Shakin Stevens home in the game on the "The Bop Won't Stop" album

ZX-81 converted into Arabic by Autoram Computers

Quicksilva, Melbourne House, Bug-Byte and GoSH fighting piracy

New shop stocking software called Soft Shop and expansions for Debenhams and WHSmiths

Radio waves can interfere with home computers

Mark Lucas presented with Cambridge Award for his game Battle 1917

Flobby discs challenge Microdrive


ZX-81 Software SceneEdit

Bomb Run/Mazer/Golems by McGraw Hill Book Co.

Cyborg Wars by Strategem Cybernetics

Fort Apache by Contrast Software

Spectrum Software SceneEdit

Plunder by CCS

The Warlock of Firetop Mountain by Puffin Books

Godzilla and the Martians by Temptation Software

The Birds and the Bees by Bug-Byte

Pontoon by Contrast Software

Tutankahmun by Micromania

Krazy Kong & Hopper by PSS

Atic Atac by Ultimate

Murder at the Manor by Gemtime

Android 2 by Vortex Software

Mr Wimpy by Ocean

Mad Martha II by Mikro-Gen

Mind GamesEdit

The Oracle's Cave by Doric Computer Services

Valhalla by Legend


Micro-Prolog by Sinclair Research


John Gilbert looks at games designers: Games Designer by Quicksilva, HURG by Melbourne House and The Quill by Gilsoft

John Kerrigan explains some more machine code routines

Interview with Mike Richardson of Durell Software. Jungle Trouble, Harrier Attack and Scuba Dive featured.

Regular FeaturesEdit

Hardware World

User of the Month

Sinclair Business User

Starter Pack

Forth by John Gilbert

Education: Theodora Wood looks at reading programs

Hewson's Helpline

Software Directory


Woolly hat knitting pattern! by Celia Sims

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