Format Reviews Average Score First Review
C64 1 43% Apr 1985
Amstrad CPC 1 46% Sep 1985



Publisher: Addictive Games

Image Magazine Published Reviewer Pages Rating
Zzap Issue 1 Zzap 64 Issue 1 11 Apr 1985 Bob Wade
Gary Penn
Julian Rignall
  • This is just a simple strategy game with little control over what you really want to do. (Gary Penn)
  • The excellent presentation covers lots of interesting areas but it just doesn't give you enough to do. (Bob Wade)
  • Software Star sounds interesting in the instructions, but fails to shine due to the fact that you have relatively few decisions to make. {Julian Rignall)

Amstrad CPCEdit

Publisher: Addictive Games

Image Magazine Issue Published Reviewer(s) Pages Rating
Amstrad Action Issue 1 Amstrad Action 1 Sep 1985 Bob Wade 0.20

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