Format Reviews Average Score First Review
C64 1 87% Apr 1985



Publisher: US Gold

Image Magazine Published Reviewer Pages Rating
Zzap Issue 1 Zzap 64 Issue 1 11 Apr 1985 Bob Wade
Gary Penn
Julian Rignall
  • What a fantastic conversion this is - it has all the action of its arcade daddy and even the tremendous music. (Bob Wade)
  • The most outstanding thing about this conversion is that the 'feel' of the game has been reproduced perfectly - something usually lost on translation from arcade to computer. (Gary Penn)
  • Smooth scrolling, fast graphics and that great tune give frenetic gameplay. This is a must for any shoot-em-up addict's collection. (Julian Rignall)


Image Magazine Article Pages Published
Nintendo Gamer Issue 80 Nintendo Gamer Issue 80 Preview (3DS) 1 07 Sep 2012

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