Volume 1 Issue 3 was likely released late April 1996 and cost £2.95


Virgin Feels the Force - (6-7)

After a slow start to their PlayStation roll-out, Virgin have suddenly gone into overdrive, a nnouncing a whole plethora of new PSX product...
The 11th Hour, Star Wars: Dark Forces, Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors, Resident Evil, Star Wars: Rebel Assault II, BallBlazer Champions

Hot Net Sites - 1 page (8) Out Now - 1 page (9)

Street Fighter Alpha, Zero Divide, X-COM: Enemy Unknown, Namco Museum Vol. 1, Actua Golf, WarHawk


Spring ECTS - 4 pages (16-19)

US Gold, Ocean, Gremlin, BMG, GT Interactive, Warner Interactive, Codemasters, Telstar, Sony, Philips Media

Write On! - 4 pages (84-87)


Earthworm Jim 2 - 4 pages (12-15)

Excalibur 2555 A.D. - ½ page (20)

Davis Cup Complete Tennis - ½ page (20)

Sim City 2000 - ½ page (21)

Blazing Dragons - ½ page (21)

Pitball - ½ page (22)

Return Fire - ½ page (22)

QAD: Quintessential Art of Destruction - ½ page (23)

PO'ed - ½ page (23)

ONSIDE Complete Soccer - 2 pages (24-25)

Tunnel B1 - 2 pages (26-27)

Olympic Soccer: Atlanta 1996 - 2 pages (28-29)


Game Title Publisher Pgs Pg No(s) Grap Soun Play Over
Impact Racing JVC / Virgin 3 38-40 80 82 86 86
Cheesy Ocean 3 61-63 78 60 80 81
Gex BMG 2 64-65 80 74 78 80
Road Rash Electronic Arts 2 66-67 85 88 92 88
Alien Trilogy Acclaim 2 68-69 95 90 90 92
Shellshock Core Design 2 70-71 90 89 84 86
Descent Interplay 2 72-73 92 95 85 90
Magic Carpet Electronic Arts / Bullfrog 2 74-75 93 92 90 91
Adidas Power Soccer Sony 2 76-77 95 93 95 96
The Need for Speed Electronic Arts 3 78-80 80 81 85 80
Philosoma Sony 2 82-83 83 80 81 80


Impact Racing

This is an extremely competitive sector of the market. With this in mind, Impact Racing fits snugly into the pack and has done JVC proud. Worth checking out but take a careful look at the options, too.


Not the best platform game on the PlayStation but it's a game you can really warm to after a while. Soft, mild and plenty of flavour for weary gamers.


A good enough platform game, but nothing new and exciting. If you've played any other platform game, then this will be sadly familiar.

Road Rash

This game retains all the classic ingredients that made the original great but the fact that it's just a straight port from the 3DO is a little disappointing

Alien Trilogy

The difficulty is slightly on the hard side and can be taxing and annoying at times but the rewards are worth the effort. Overall, a class act that will be tough to follow.


A very polished and accomplished shoot-'em-up with a little bit of strategy thrown in for good measure. What more can you ask for?


Overall, the game oozes quality but some people may not appreciate the simplicity of the play combined with the complexity of the maps. Quite simply mindblowing in the extreme.

Magic Carpet

My personal choice as the best game so far on the PlayStation. Lets hope Magic Carpet 2 is just as good, if not better! Until then, just buy this game right now.

Adidas Power Soccer

The best football game on the PlayStation at the moment. Kicks all the others into touch! I don't think I need to say any more than that, do I?

The Need for Speed

A good game in it's own right which would've been a classic if EA had included the original plot and gameplay somewhere for us to play and enjoy.


A good game that really didn't become any better by being released officially. At least we can understand what's going on now!


Alien Trilogy - Complete Solution - 20 pages (41-60)

Mini Tips - 2 pages (88-89)

Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22, ESPN Extreme Games, Goal Storm, Rapid Reload, Namco Museum Vol. 1, NFL GameDay, Rayman, Resident Evil, The Raiden Project, TwinBee, Viewpoint

Mini Tips Q&A - 2 pages (92-93)

Tekken, Discworld, Ridge Racer, X-COM: Enemy Unknown

Other CreditsEdit

Deputy Editors

Dino Boni, Miles Guttery

Tips Editor

Jonathan Evans

Staff Writers

Scott Mackintosh, Alan Bunker

Art Editor

Ian Roxburgh


Bradley Wells


Mark Ayshford

Issue IndexEdit


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