This issue was released in June 2003 and cost £3.99. A DVD came attached to this issue.


E3: The Holy Trinity - 2 pages (10-11)

The biggest game show on Earth. Make or break time for Xbox.

Doom III destroys Xbox (12)
Killer Fisher fights online (13)
FIFA in offline disgrace (14)
Bond in all or nothing shocker (14)
Tecmo takes Dead or Alive online (15)
Steel Battalion gets line of contact (15)
LucasArts show three new Xbox-bound Star Wars games (16)
Sega Sports comes out punching with five new titles (17)

Explorer ExtraEdit

Colin McRae Rally 04 - 2 pages (18-19)

Ninja Gaiden - 1 page (20)

Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge - ½ page (21)

Judge Dredd: Dredd VS Death - ½ page (21)

X-Men Legends - ¾ page (22)

Pilot Down: Behind Enemy Lines - ¼ page (22)

Full Spectrum Warrior - ½ page (23)

Carve - ½ page (23)


Inbox - 2 pages (26-27)

Can you find love on Xbox Live? - Gary Cutlack - 3 pages (28-30)

One man already has. Twice. Three times if you count the disastrous meeting with a drunk woman he couldn't wait to escape from. His name is Mark Pearce and he is a serial Xbox Live dater. This is his story.

The Regional News - Gary Cutlack - 4 pages (76-79)

How's Xbox doing down your street? How's it doing in the crucial Norwich area? Let's ask men in shops.


Halo 2 - Gary Cutlack - 4 pages (32-35)

Project Gotham Racing 2 - Gary Cutlack - 2 pages (36-37)

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - Jay Filmer - 2 pages (38-39)

Top Spin - Gary Cutlack - 2 pages (40-41)

Xbox Music Mixer - Gary Cutlack - 2 pages (42-43)

Dino Crisis 3 - Jay Filmer - 2 pages (44-45)

True Fantasy Live Online - Gary Cutlack - 2 pages (46-47)

Conker: Live & Reloaded - Jay Filmer - 2 pages (48-49)

Grabbed by the Ghoulies - Jay Filmer - 2 pages (50-51)

Midnight Club II - Jay Filmer - 2 pages (52-53)


Game Title Publisher Reviewer Pages Pg No(s) Rating
Brute Force Microsoft Jay Filmer 4 56-59 8
Midtown Madness 3 Microsoft Jay Filmer 4 60-63 7
Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II Sega Richard Leadbetter 2 64-65 8
Red Faction 2 THQ Jay Filmer 2 66-67 8
Enter the Matrix Atari Richard Melville 2 68-69 7
World Championship Snooker 2003 Codemasters Gary Cutlack 2 70-71 5
Dakar 2 Acclaim Jay Filmer 2 72-73 4
Hulk Vivendi Gary Cutlack 0.33 74 8
Speed Kings Acclaim Jay Filmer 0.33 74 5
Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War Activision Barny Zoeller 0.33 74 9
Wakeboarding Unleashed Activision Jay Filmer 0.33 75 8
Die Hard Vendetta Vivendi Jay Filmer 0.33 75 6
IndyCar Series Codemasters Jay Filmer 0.33 75 5

Other Details

Game Title Gr So Li Verdict
Brute Force 9 8 7 A solid, beautiful game that would have been made brilliant with the inclusion of Live play. It's still great but it could have been... greater.
Midtown Madness 3 8 7 7 A reasonably jolly and momentarily addictive driving game that falls down on dodgy level design and short-lived hollow missions.
Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II 7 7 9 PSO is a brilliant online adventure, it's just a shame that Xbox Live has let it down somewhat. Regardless, the game still demands to be played.
Red Faction 2 8 8 9 A classic if under-realised shooter that provides almost endless joy for those harbouring a desire to demolish walls and kill their friends.
Enter the Matrix 7 8 7 Having gone to the expense of producing an hour's worth of movie scenes, Shiny would've done well to mess this up. And it nearly did.
World Championship Snooker 2003 5 7 7 OK to play, technically right enough to avoid offending fans, but as far as thrills go this is only slightly better than leaving your Xbox turned off.
Dakar 2 5 3 4 A limp, laxy effort that deserves to be beaten with sticks, doused in petrol and set on fire. We don't like it. You probably won't either.
Hulk - - - One man, an inner raging beast, cars to throw around and hundreds of enemies to crush in a variety of exciting ways. Hulk on Xbox is superb, relentless, old-school gaming heaven.
Speed Kings - - - It's a bit crap, but it's the only Xbox bike game which allows you to punch and kick people while driving. Only try it out if booting others on motorbikes appeals.
Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War - - - Live gamers need this. And despite it also having a decent Single-player mode, thei needs Xbox Live. Without it, the game is only working at around 30% of its full potential.
Wakeboarding Unleashed - - - A surprisingly playable and highly addictive water-based extreme sports title. Not quite as good as Tony Hawk's, but what is? Give it a try anyway. You have our blessing, son.
Die Hard Vendetta - - - Die Hard Vendetta is late arrival to an already crowded genre, and fails to offer anything new. Look at the Halo 2 footage on the DVD. That's what you want. Not this.
IndyCar Series - - - A reasonable (if graphically lazy) attempt at recreating a sport not suited to being a game. Fans may like it, but others will quickly tire of this. Easy right? Absolutely not.


Enter the Matrix - Walkthrough - 7 pages (81-87)

Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II - Player's Guide - 6 pages (88-93)

Mini Tips - 2 pages (94-95)

The LoungeEdit

DVD Reviews - 4 pages (98-101)

Xbox World DVD - 2 pages (102-103)

Top Toys - 2 pages (104-105)

Buyer's Guide - 4 pages (106-109)

Words with ... Iain Lee - 2 pages (110-11)


PSW Issue 43 - Page 80

Other CreditsEdit

Managing Editor

Tony Horgan

Art Editor

Blue Buxton

Features Editor

Gary Cutlack

Staff Writer

Jay Filmer


Mark Potts

Picture Editor

Paul Brandist

Chief Sub-Editor

Ken Campbell

Sub Editors

Simon Singleton, Marianne Smedley


Cyberbabe 1985, Jon Hamblin, David Hodgson, Jon Brown, Barny Zoeller, Rian Hughes, Richard Melville


Richard Leadbetter

Issue IndexEdit

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