YC issue 73 was released in 26th October 1990, cover dated December 1990 and covered gaming on the C64.


CES 1990 special

Features Edit

‘A Bunch of Old Prose’ – "Andy Banner went down to Microprose to dig some real dirt on the company with more labels than

releases (probably)."

On the tapeEdit

Eight free games, 2 free tapes: Cribbage Master, Oristal, Scorpion, Fortress, Wabbit, 4 in a Row, Surround and Jetrace 2000.

Things to ComeEdit

Dragon Breed,
Navy Seals,


'YC Fun One' award given to games of 85% and above

Main Title/Alternate Title(s) Publisher Reviewer Rating (%)
Atomic Robokid Activision Rik Henderson 85
St Dragon Storm Rik Henderson 91
Night Breed Ocean Rik Henderson 87
Greg Norman's Ultimate Golf Gremlin Rik Henderson 96
Helter Skelter Audiogenic Ashley Cotter-Cairns 83
Summer Camp Thalamus Rik Henderson 95
Plotting Ocean Rick Henderson 92
Midnight Resistance Ocean Rick Henderson 95
Puzznic Ocean Rik Henderson 85
Subbuteo Electronic Zoo Andrew Banner 72
Rick Dangerous II Microstyle Andrew Banner 91

Bargain BucketEdit

Main Title/Alternate Title(s) Publisher Rating (%)
Operation Hanoi Players Premier 62
Rastan The Hit Squad 73
Classic Punter G.T.I. 68
Daley Thomson's Olympic Challenge The Hit Squad 83
Star Wars The Hit Squad 76
Barbarian II Kixx 92
Run the Gauntlet The Hit Squad 50
Salamander The Hit Squad 95

Issues indexEdit

Your Commodore Index
Date Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
1984 0123
1985 456789101112131415
1986 161718192021222324252627
1987 282930313233343536373839
1988 404142434445464748495051
1989 525354555657585960616263
1990 6465666768697071727374
1991 757677787980818283

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