Issue 1 was priced at £0.95 and was likely released in April/May 1984.

Open Access (News)Edit

Audiogenic launch well-tried favourites on disk - (5)

Includes Aztec Challenge and Forbidden Forest

Imagine reverses decision on price war - (5)

Imagine also working on Psyclapse and Bandersnatch

K-Tel rocks into 64 software - (6)

Cityattak, Odyssey & It's Only Rock 'n' Roll

Pyramid game drastically cuts loading time - (6)

Microdeal clamps down on rip-off merchants - (7)

Mastertronic slash prices as war hots up - (7)

Temperatures rise with red hot poker game - (11)

Allrian to release Atari hit Strip Poker on 64.


Soft Stack - 1 page (13)

New business, education and utility packages
Aztec Challenge, Dinky Doo, Troopa Truck and Turbo 64



Holy Jupiter it's Jumpman - Bob Chappell & Ian McKinnell - 3 pages (35-37)

Buzz Words - Ron Smith - 1 page (47)

Romik working on a new 'Invaders' game
Quicksilva converting its Spectrum games to the 64.
Carnell converting Black Crystal and Volcanic Dungeon and working on Wrath of Magra.
Rabbit Software preparing Stalag 1.
Durell apologise for poor Scuba Dive conversion.
Mr Chips's working on a Jack the Ripper game.
Richard Shepherd Software to convert games to disk.

A hot compress from Level 9 - Bob Chappell - 2 pages (48-50)

Details on Colossal Adventure, Dungeon Adventure & Adventure Quest

This way for adventure - Henry Budgett - ½ page (48)

A victim's guide to the perils and pleasures of playing adventure games.

Scary Monsters - Forbidden Forest - Stephanie Brittain - 2 pages (52-53)

The Master Checks out - Grand Master - Bob Chappell - 2 pages (65,67)


Firing-up Basic - Phil Cornes & Tony Cross - 2½ pages (17,19-20)

Starters Orders - Nik Lumsden - 2 pages (23,25)

Now that there are plenty of books devoted to the 64, how can you decide which one to choose?


Break out of the 64 with your own built-in RESET button (57,60)
Where do you draw the line using high resolution graphics? (60-61)
The whys and wherefores of constructing a parallel interface. (61,63)
Making full use of the 64's Sound Interface Device. (63-64)

Talkin' 64 - Interview with Commodore's Gail Wellington - Paul Walton - 1 page (80)



Game Title Publisher Format Reviewer Pg No Verdict
Motor Mania Audiogenic C64 GK 43 60
Who Dares Wins Dk'Tronics C64 SE 43 85
Plumb Crazy Terminal C64 SE 43 65
Hover Bovver Llamasoft C64 Bob Chappell 43 90
Chinese Juggler Ocean C64 SE 43 65
Mr. Wimpy Ocean C64 SE 43 65
Quintic Warrior Quicksilva C64 SE 44 70
Four Gates to Freedom Phoenix Software VIC-20 JD 44 50
Neoclyps PSS C64 SE 44 85
The Trader Trilogy Quicksilva VIC-20 PJ 44 80
Catcha Snatcha Imagine VIC-20 MR 44 65
Bugaboo (The Flea) Quicksilva C64 SE 44 75
Bewitched Imagine VIC-20 JD 45 65
Caesar the Cat Mirrorsoft C64 SE 45 85
Exterminator Bubble Bus C64 Dick Pountain 45 80
English Invaders Rabbit Software VIC-20 JD 45 60
Revenge of the Mutant Camels Llamasoft C64 SE 45 90
Siren City Interceptor Micro's C64 SE 45 85


SX-64 - Henry Budgett - 5 pages (27-30,33)


Synthy-64 - Bob Chappell - 2 pages (38,41)


Island Blitz (69-70,75)

Maze (75-78)

Other CreditsEdit

Deputy Editor

Tina Boylan

Consulting Editor

Roger Munford

Editorial Assistant

Peter Shaw


Bob Chappell, Stephanie Brittain, Henry Budgett, Ian McKinnell, Nik Lumsden, Dick Pountain, Ron Smith, Mike Liardet, Mark Greenshields, Paul Walton, Phil Cornes, Norman Burton, Mike Turner, Tony Cross

Art Editor

Jimmy Egerton

Art Assistants

Steve Broadhurst, Erica Smith

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