This issue is dated October 1984 and was priced at 80p


Tales from the Crypt: Adventure games

Technical FeaturesEdit

Mastering Machine Code

The BASIC facts Pt.1

How to write your own arcade games

Introducing Modems

VIC games programming

Commodore 64 Exposed

How to write your own business software



Game Title Publisher Format Verdict
Encounter Novagen C64 ****
Chopper Sumlock VIC-20 ***
Maziacs DK'Tronics C64 ***
Skramble Rabbit Software C64 *****
Triad Livewire C64 **
Alpha Blaster Sumlock VIC-20 ***
Skramble Sumlock VIC-20 **
Metroblitz PSS C64 ****
Horace Goes Skiing Melbourne House C64 ****
Flight Path 737 Anirog VIC-20 ****
Star Commando Terminal Software C64 **
Cavelon Ocean C64 ***
Flight Path 737 Anirog C64 ****
Mr. Mephisto Euro-Byte C64 *****
Marooned Buntasoft VIC-20 ****
Bongo Anirog VIC-20 *****
Multi-Tron Sumlock VIC-20 **
Pyramid, The Fantasy Software C64 ***
Plumb Crazy Terminal Software C64 ****
Jumping Jack Sumlock VIC-20 ***
Zodiac Anirog C64 ***
Chuckie Egg A&F Software C64 ****
Gridtrap Sumlock C64 **
Bath Time PSS C64 **
Cybotron Anirog C64 ***
Boogaboo (The Flea) Quicksilva C64 ***
Typing Wizard Severn Software C64 ***
Space Pilot Anirog C64 ***
Splat Incentive Software C64 ****

Other SoftwareEdit

Art Package: Paintpic by Kiwisoft

Database: Superbase by Precision Software


Dr Watson computer learning series - Basic Adventure Part 1

Secrets of the Commodore 64

Brainteasers for the VIC-20

Commodore 64 Sound & Graphics

Business Systems on the Commodore 64

The Penguin Book of VIC-20 Games

Mastering Machine Code on your Commodore 64

Business Applications for the Commodore 64


Feature on Commodore's new top of the range machine the 8296-D


All programs for the C64 unless stated


Battle Atak


Concorde II

Track King (VIC-20)

Ladder Maze (VIC-20)


Machine Code to Basic Converter

Renumbering Utility

Sprite Designer 64

Fast Tape Search

Making Music

Relative Files

External LinksEdit

A DVD containing all the Your Commodore issues can be obtained from The Zzuperstore

Issue IndexEdit

Your Commodore Index
Date Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
1984 0123
1985 456789101112131415
1986 161718192021222324252627
1987 282930313233343536373839
1988 404142434445464748495051
1989 525354555657585960616263
1990 6465666768697071727374
1991 757677787980818283

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