ZX Computing Issue 11
ZX Computing Issue 11


Ray Elder


Nick Pearce, James Walsh


Argus Specialist Press





Chequered Flag released for Spectrum by Sinclair Research

Wealth of new sofware released

Other NewsEdit

Sinclair's distributor GSI opens new warehouse

New education range from Sinclair Research and Macmillan Education

Micro-Prolog available for Spectrum



ZX-81 SoftwareEdit

Alphaprobe by Artic Computing

Dominoes by Phipps Associates

Nowitnik Puzzle & Other Diversions by Phipps Associates

Durell SoftwareEdit

Harrier Attack, Jungle Trouble & Scuba Dive

Readers ReviewsEdit

Cyrus IS Chess by Sinclair Research for the Spectrum

Frenzy by Quicksilva for the Spectrum

Sheepwalk by Virgin Games for the Spectrum

Pssst by Ultimate for the Spectrum

Sabotage by Sinclair Research for the ZX81

Adventure D: Espionage Island by Artic Computing for the Spectrum

Spectrum ReviewsEdit

Laser Snaker by Poppysoft

Chequered Flag by Sinclair Research

Gangsters by CCS

Battle of the Toothpaste Tubes/Castle Colditz by K-Tel Software

Rabbit Shoot by Phipps Associates

Space Island by Terminal Software

Tomb of Dracula by Felix Software

Ghost Town by Virgin Games

Other SoftwareEdit

ZX-81 SoftwareEdit

Toolkit by Sinclair Research

Vu-File by Sinclair Research

Readers ReviewsEdit

Forth by Artic Computing


Alphacom 32 Printer by Ray Elder

ZX Interface 2 by Sinclair Research for the Spectrum. Review by Peter Shaw.


Interview with Robert White of Durell Software

Disable the Break key in Basic

Mastering Machine Code by Toni Barker

Education: Computers in School by John Bourne



Danger UXB by Roger Harmsworth for the ZX81

Twists by Paul Clansey for the Spectrum

Asteroid Adventure by Roger Ditchburn for the ZX81

Rock Fall by B. Andrews for the Spectrum

King-Kong by Nicholas Wyre for the Spectrum

Countdown by Ben Rimmer for the Spectrum

Home Base by David Naylor for the Spectrum

Squares by David Parkinson for the Spectrum

Tunnel Run by David Link for the Spectrum

Stocks and Shares by D. Bayliss for the ZX81

Depth Charge by Brian Wilson for the Spectrum

Valley of Death by Jerome Laskowski for the ZX81

Patience by Mike Eida for the ZX81

Pelmanism by Simon White for the Spectrum

Step by Step & Duck Shoot by M. Savin for the Spectrum

Lost by Pete Cooke for the ZX81


Starspin by Duncan Overton for the Spectrum

Digital Wirst Watch by Douglas Richardson for the Spectrum

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